Afghanistan vs Zimbabwe 1st T20 betting review

Afghanistan vs Zimbabwe 1st T20 betting review

Both the teams are ready to rattle the hopes of other groups after the test series. We have seen that the ZIM side proved well after a long time. After levelling the series, no one is better than the other now. Sean Williams, the skipper of test teams, created some chances in the last test match. On the other hand, there is no doubt; the AFG side also did well in the previous years. It would be interesting to see the match on Wednesday. Here is the preview of teams before starting the game.


Do not hurry to place any bet before knowing the actual performance of teams. Otherwise, you will lose precious money. Some hackers are also waiting to snatch your money on the internet. These are the essential thing which you much have in your mind. Now, let’s start to discuss the teams of two sides. Afghanistan team has some best players in the group who can win the match. Muhammad Nabi and Rashid are the two primary weapons for them. On the other hand, the openers and Mujeeb could be the last hope for them. But, in cricket, anything can happen at any time.

If we see the Zim team, then most of the players did not have too much experience. But, it does not mean that they do not have any chance to win the game. The skipper among the two best players like Taylor and others could be a threat to the opposition. The match is scheduled to place on 16th in Abu Dhabi. You must gather the information of pitch and condition. Sometimes, it also played a vital role in the overall result. The head-to-head consequence of the same in the last match is the massive input to place the bet. So, all the essential information rolled good for you.

Betting Odds & Tips

All the detail has described for viewers. Try to compare all the last results on the same ground. Moreover, do not forget to check the injuries of big players in the match. Previews and head-to-head output are the final things to see. Here is the winner of the game announcement.

Who does Will win?

I have analyzed the recent performance of the Zim side in the last test match. They did well to work hard till the end of the day. No doubt, they lost in the game but created some hopes for the short over games. Zimbabwe will be the winner of the day.


Have you read all the above detail? If you did it, then it is not a big deal to announce the winner of the day. Now, it is up to you which side will better on the play day. Do not hurry to do anything. If you are a newcomer, then stay away from the new bookies. Try to contact the experienced ones in the market. After a long time, you will be able to do it as own.

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