Big Boom Riches Slot Review

Big Boom Riches Slot Review

Big Boom Riches slot machines came into the market to release maximum jackpots for the viewers. The makers have added maximum features to attract the players. We have seen a mining theme in the slot machine to appear in different colors for the viewers. Do not forget to see the precious gemstones and dynamites for you. In the end, the big boom riches will release the multipliers for you.

Reel & RTP

There are five reels and 20 pay lines for the viewers. If they make the correct pairs, no one can stop them from winning the 5000x top jackpot with RTP 96%. After that, the additional best features are wilds, scatters, free spins, and progressive multipliers for the viewers.

Betting range and payout

The betting range for all the casino games attracted the players towards it. I have checked that the betting range has started from only 20 cents to $50. It showed that all the players could enjoy the slot. If you play well throughout the game, then you can win up to $250,000. The addition of 96% RTP can increase the winning chances.


At the start of the game, it is different than all the others. It would help if you made the combination at the beginning of the game. You need to role the reels to trigger without wasting any time. Then, drop the given symbols on the reels to make the combinations to win the maximum payout.

Now, the time is to impose the wilds symbols to acts as a replacement in different circumstances. The roles of all the functions will give you more chances. Here, you have to explode the TNT Wilds symbols to erase the attached symbols. If you succeed in getting three more on the rolling reels, you may get 12TNT Wilds simultaneously with 5000x the stake.

At the last stage of the game, you can pick nine free spins to leave five minter scatters in the viewers. It will also pay you 100x the stake. Here, you can get additional free spins one after the other. One will add for each new scatter. The multipliers will also increase from 1x to the X-Wild appear.


It is a theme that is different than all the other games. The presence of mine, wooden planks, and ceiling inside the walls are good to see. Only five reels and a small area left the small work for you. According to my experience, it is not an exciting game. The selections of Royals and gemstone process have all the outcomes for you.


It is a decent game because of having attractive features for the users. With time, the game will become more interesting than usual. It would help if you managed all the options when needed. Overall, it is an exciting and decent game to get more than usual. In the end, you need to focus on multipliers.

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