Brentford vs Watford Betting Review – 11th December

Brentford vs Watford Betting Review – 11th December

It is the first game of the English Premier League on 11th December. Both the teams played a lot of fun in the past. I am here to tell you about the significant aspects of the game. After reading the article, you will be able to make predictions. The betting review has consisted of the latest performance, head to head, squads, betting odds & tips.

Latest Performance

Brentford played six-game in the recent season and remained undefeated a couple of times. On the other hand, Watford also played an exact number of games and posted one victory.

Head to Head

Both the teams faced each other for five months. Brentford posted two goals versus 0 of other teams. It is the significant difference between the two teams.


Both the teams did not announce their final squads. We have to wait till the start of the game. According to my own experience, there will not be any change in the last team.


If we see the latest news and performance, then Watford picked 60% chances to win. On the other side, Brentford also gained 30% chances to carry the day.

Goals in English Premier

In the English Premier League, Brentford played six games and won a single game. They posted seven goals and conceded nine also. Bryan was the best player with two goals.

On the other hand, Watford also took part in six games to win in two. They posted eight goals and conceded eight also. Ismaila was the best man with four goals.

Betting Odds & Tips

I tried my best to post all the essential information for you. If you have any experience, then it is not a big deal to predict the betting rate. Watford picked more betting rates versus Brentford. They are going to win a game by 2-0.


All the data have been taken from reliable sources. If you still have any issues, then you can compare facts and figures to any other spot. According to my own experience, Watford will win the game without any problem. We made predictions on behalf of the past performance. We are not responsible for any loss.

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