Brian Lara Slot Review

Brian Lara Slot Review

All the players like to play a usual slot machine in the market. No doubt, the football games picked a lot of importance nowadays. The makers tried to introduce a new trend in the market in cricket. In the West area, football is one of the popular games to play. Everyone knows about Brian Lara, who is a former player and skipper on the West Indies side. Playtech released the slot for a sports legend. All the options and functions are really good to use.

Reel & RTP

There are five reels in the slot machine with 1024 ways of win. You can make different kinds of combinations by using the wilds and regular symbols. Batter Bonus spins, golden batter, and other sports legend symbols played a vital role in amusing the players. The presence of six figures area with the 96% RTP is an awful action by the manufacturers. No doubt, we have some complications in the slot machine also.

Brian Lara Betting and Prizes

The range of betting is not a big deal for all the users in the world. We are happy to know that you can unlock the game from only 10 cents to 500 dollars for each spin. If you play well in the whole game, you can win up to the $10,000 progressive jackpots. The presence of weekly jackpots and other retrigger options also increased the value of the game.

Brian Lara Slot Features

At the start of the game, the wild symbol will show on the main reels. It would help if you made a combination of these options. No doubt you may alternate these pictures in the long run. We are sorry to give you maximum jackpots in the end.

The major feature in the slot machine is the position of the Batter Bonus Spin. It would be best to trigger it along with the scatter on the 1st to 5th reels. We have only two spots on the inner side with the six wilds symbols. It is up to you that how you will convert regular symbols into premium ones. At last, you all the combination will remove around the Brain Lara pictures.

Theme & Design

The theme of the game showed the picture of a retired cricket from the West Indies. A lot of cartoons in the form of players will show on the reels. Your main focus is to handle the major symbols. You will amuse by the cartoon-style theme along with the other pictures. Do not forget to know about the awkward graphics; that is the only issue for the players.


The major symbols on the online slot machine showed the title of the game. Brian Lara’s online casino game will give you a decent amount of RTP with the progressive jackpot. I want to ask the new players to stay away from it.

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