Everton vs Burnley English Premier League Match Betting Review – 14th September

Everton vs Burnley English Premier League Match Betting Review – 14th September

The review of an important game has consisted of all the major elements before the game. I took the latest performance information, head-to-head detail, prediction, statistics, betting odds & tips, and conclusion. You may check all the facts and figures at any time. After reading all the essential information, I know you will be able to make the right prediction at any time. Let’s start the task without wasting any time.

Latest Performance

I took the facts and figures from the last 6 matches. Everton remained successful in 4 matches and loosed in single. The remaining one match did not take any side. If we talk about the other team, they also played 6 games but posted only one victory. It showed the clear difference between the two sides.

Head to Head

Both the teams had met with each other in March 2021. The Burnley posted a victory with 2-1, so it is the best side from the two teams.


According to my own experience and experts views, I have checked that Everton has a 50% chance to win the game versus the 25% chance of Burnely. It took from the latest performance of two sides.


The lineup for two teams will announce before the 30 minutes to start the game. No doubt, both sides would like to add the best players in the final XI.


In the English Premier League, Everton picked 100% result. They played in a single game and remained undefeated. The team scored 3 goals and conceded only one. Domini remains the top scorer to do 3 goals in a single game.

Suppose we talk about the other side. The Burenly played a single game and failed in it. Their team posted 0 goals and conceded 2. That showed the clear difference between the two sides.

Betting Odds & Tips

The experts settled on a different price for the two teams. I have seen that Everton picked an 8/11 betting price versus the 13/5 of Burnely. The remaining facts and figures went into the draw side.

Tips are always taken from the latest profiles of players. According to it, Everton is a prominent side due to having star players in the final lineup.


I tried my best to put all the required information for the viewers, and if you still have any issues, you may change your mind at any time. According to my experience and review about the two teams, Everton will easily control the other side on play day. Anything may happen at any time. Injuries are the major factors that can change the result of the game.

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