FC Bayern Munchen vs Benfica Betting Review – 3rd November

FC Bayern Munchen vs Benfica Betting Review – 3rd November

It is an interesting game of the champions league as compared to the other. The betting review has consisted of the latest performance, head-to-head, predictions, betting odds & tips. After reading the article, you will be able to make the right predictions. We made all the forecasting by knowing the latest performance.

Latest performance

Both the sides played the last six-game. The FC remained well in 5 games and failed in just one. On the other hand, the Benfica also played the same number of games and won 3 times. It is the difference between the two sides.

Head to Head

I have checked that both the sides played this month, where the DC Bayern remained well to post four goals versus 0. It showed tremendous performance.


It is very clear from the above result. The FC Bayern picked 66% chances to win. On the other hand, the Benfica gained only 15% chances to win.


Both sides did not announce their final squad. We have to wait till the start of the game. No one would like to release the important players from the squads.

Goals in the Champions League

In the Champion league, the FC played one game and won it. They scored five goals and conceded 0. Robert was the top scorer with 4.

On the other side, the Benfica also played one game and remained well in that game. They scored 0 goals and also conceded 0. There is not a big difference in the result.


I have tried my best to post all the required information for the users. If you still have any issues, then you can compare the data with any other spot. So, FC Bayern has more chances to win. We made these predictions after checking the latest result and profiles of players. In prediction, we cannot be sure about the 100% accuracy.

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