Heroes Arrow Slot Review

Heroes Arrow Slot Review

It is the game where the Archer will shoot the arrows toward the trees in the forest. We have some decent and charming graphics by the Playtech after a long time. You can use all types of symbols to manipulate the pairs. I have seen some characters of Middle ages style on the reels. Bows and arrows will be the focus for the users. The maker agreed to the Rarestone Gaming to release it.

Reels & RTP

There are five reels in the slot machine with 20 pay lines. We have many fixed jackpots to attain the 500x the stake. You can win free spins, arrow shots, wilds, medium volatility, and many other best features. The amount of RTP raised to 96.38% in this slot machine.

Betting range and payouts

All the players want to know about the betting range to invest in the slot machine. So, there is not a big hurt to use it for the newcomers also. They can win up to 500x as a maximum. The minimum range of jackpots started from 100x to 20x. So, if you have any experience, you need to stay cool and calm till the end of the game.

Heroes Arrow Slot Features

Like the other slots, you need to focus on the wild symbols. It will show on the last three reels. Their locations showed the alternate combination for players. It is up to you that how you will handle it.

You will see that 5th reel is more prominent than the other. Your first target will be on the first four reels in the slot. Otherwise, you are responsible for any loss. I want to ask you to remain alert while making combinations.

After doing the initial task, your 2nd focus must be on the 5th reels. There are heroes in green and red colors. All these symbols will lie on the same row and reels. The Arrow symbol will automatically start to trigger in no time. And, the Archer will shoot the target to gain the jackpots. These heroes can pay from 2x to 8x the stakes. One thing to consider is that the red hero will pay you minor bank like the 500x. But, it is also not an alarming amount.


Most of the users were expected the same kind of slot. They wished to play a story of Robin Hood. A lot of features have been added to the place in the reels. You can use the Archer, lady, soldier, castles, Money bags, and other Goblets to find the maximum jackpots. There is also some number of royals from 10 to A.


According to my observation, a lot of users will agree to this as a lot. It has consisted of minor risk win the maximum jackpots. The makers did a combination of the lower and higher bank. Do not worry about the value of RTP. Overall, it is an excellent slot to play for all the players.

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