India vs. England 1st ODI Review

India vs. England 1st ODI Review

After facing defeat in a very long cricket format and in short also, the England side was looking to depress. Now, they have the last chance to show something different than the last two series. I hope that this time all the games will provide different results than the last. I am here to leave some useful information for viewers to get some comprehensive detail for coming results. If you want to get the real result, you have to stay here until the end of the game.


There are no two opinions about the comparison of two teams. England and India are the two teams that are on the first spot of ICC International ranking. Moreover, it is not too easy to defeat the world champions of the same format cricket. No doubt, the Indian side has the home advantage to gain maximum benefit through it. In the past, Indian teams remained undefeated over England a lot of times.

Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, Hardik Pandya, Jadeja, Muhammad Siraj, and Ashwin are the main players of the Indian team. If you want to attain all the important information, you must have the profiles’ details. Moreover, the Pune Cricket stadium will help the Indian bowlers and batters all the time. I have seen that the blue shirts player did not feel any pressure in the Test and T20 series. Eion Morgan is one of the best skippers in the one-day international game.

On the other hand, Jason Roy and Buttler would like to open the bat from its side. If they remained on the pitch for some time, they would get a good start to post maximum total. I hope the team management and skipper think to shuffle some players in the squads. Ben Stokes, Jhonny Bairstow, Eion Morgan, Moeen Ali are the main batsman. Adil Rashid, Jofra Archer, Ali, Wood, and Chris Jordon can do well with them.

Odds & Tips

If you want to get the real predictions in every game of sports, then odds and tips will play a vital role. You must have to know the hidden and outer information about all the players. Do not forget to see the head-to-head outcome for the two teams. On the other hand, the injuries before the game played a vital role.

Who Will win the match?

Now, the time is to announce the winner of the game. Everyone has their minds and predictions; according to my views, the Indian side will win the very 1st game. It does not mean our prediction will give you the desired result. We made it on behalf of past information.


If you read all the above detail very carefully, then it is not a big deal to announce the winner of the game. I did not leave anything left to describe the result. However, if you still have any issues, you may go to any other spot for more accurate detail. It would be best if you had to stay away from the scammers.

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