Malmo FF vs Chelsea Betting Review – 2nd November – Champions League

Malmo FF vs Chelsea Betting Review – 2nd November – Champions League

It is the first game of Malmo FF, and Chelsea is going to play another time. If you want to pick decent predictions, then you need to read the content till the end. It has consisted of the latest performance, head to head, predictions, squads and more useful information. You can compare all the facts and figures to any other spot.

Latest Performance

I have searched the result of the last six games and found these results. The Malmo FF played six games to win in three games. On the other hand, Chelsea also played the same number of games and won 4 times. It is the major difference between the two sides.

Head to Head

Both the sides had met with each other for two years. Where Chelsea posted three goals versus the 0, we may get any predictions from this result.


I have checked the latest news and updates. No one has announced the final playing XI for this game. We have to wait till the start of the game. But, we hope that all the major players will be in the squad.


There is too much difference between the two sides winning expectations. The Chelsea side picked 80% chances to win. On the other hand, the Malmo FF also gained 7% chances to win.

Malmö FF and Chelsea Goals

If we check the result by living at home in the Champions League, the FF played one game and failed. They failed to score and conceded three also.

On the other side, Chelsea also played one game and released the same result as the FF. They scored 0 goals and conceded 1. It is the only difference between the two sides.

Betting Odds & Tips

Suppose you have read all the above information. Then you do not need to think more. Yes, Chelsia is a better side to pick the more betting price rather than the other. Moreover, Chelsea will beat the other side by a 1-0 result.


All the data and information has been taken from reliable sources. If you still have any issues, then you can change the spot. However, Chelsea will carry the day without any hesitation because we have seen too much difference in the performance.

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