Manchester United vs Manchester City Betting Review – 6th November

Manchester United vs Manchester City Betting Review – 6th November

 It is the 2nd game of the English Premier League. Both the teams had played a lot of games in the past. I have checked the recent performance of two teams. There is a big difference in the last six games. The betting review has consisted of the latest performance, head to head results, predictions, statistics and betting odds. After reading it, you will be able to make the right outcomes. You may compare all the facts and figures to any other official spot.

Latest Performance

In the last six games, Manchester United played 6 games and won 2 times. They failed to win three games, and the other one did not leave any result. If we see the other side’s performance, then Manchester City also took part in the same number of games. They won in 4 games, and the other 2 games did not favour the team.

Head to Head

If we see the latest head to head result, then Manchester United produced an outstanding result. They posted 2 goals versus the null. It is the major difference between the two sides.


I have checked the latest news and updates from the two teams, and then no one announced the final playing XI for us. We are here to update you till the last moment.


There is a huge difference among the prediction of the two teams. Manchester United picked 29% chances to win. On the other hand, Manchester City also gained 43% chances to win.

Goals in the English Premier League

In the English Premier League, Manchester United played 4 games and remained well for two times. They scored 10 goals and conceded 4 also. Bruno was the top score with 4 goals.

On the other side, Manchester City also played 4 games and won two times. They posted 4 goals and conceded three also. It is the major difference between the two teams.


If we check all the above detail and information, Manchester City has a lot of chances to carry the day. There is a much difference in the results of the two teams. We did the observation and research by knowing the value of players and team.

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