Money Mariachi Infinity Slot Review

Money Mariachi Infinity Slot Review

It is the best game that has the maximum potential for the viewers and players. There is no restriction to use the reels and symbols. We have seen that the Yggdrasil started to compete with the best makers. Be ready to face a lot of fun and mega jackpots in the game. Lets’s start it from the reels and RTP news.

Reels & RTP

There are three reels in the slot machine and a huge area to cover. You can make a lot of combinations to win maximum jackpots. If you do well in the game, no one can stop you from winning the final prize of 50,000. We failed to see these kinds of rewards in the past. In the end, do not forget to use the multipliers, infinity bonus, LevelUp Respins and special symbols.

Betting and Prizes

On the other hand, all the players want to invest a minimum amount of betting. It has started from 20 cents to $40. You may change the amount of wager by fulfilling the conditions. This betting range may help you to win the 50,000 top jackpots and $2,000,000. No doubt, it is not an easy task to do at any time.

Money Mariachi Infinity Reels Slot Features

In the infinity reels system, you need to pick the three reels at the start. Then, do not forget to make the pairs. If you do it, then no one can stop you from winning the jackpots. The 4th reel is also playing a vital role.

I have checked that the players must match the five symbols to get rewards. There is not any limit in this format. As we discussed in the about, the final jackpot is 50,000x. The value of Shirin raised to 10x at the start.

You may increase the value of the Shrine in the middle of the game. It enhanced to 6 skulls and matched these symbols to special ones.

Theme & Design

It is a dead inspired theme. All the symbols and images are very common to use. We have used high quality and graphics in the past o create fun. Hats, noisemakers, headstones, candles, four characters and other symbols are helpful to see. The Shrine scatters, and Guitar Wilds will be helpful at the end.


The presence of infinity reels in the game and maximum volatility are good to see. It would be best if you took some risk before winning the final jackpots. One thing to take into account is that the Infinity reels will attach to the game. Most of the casual players were not expecting these features and functions. You have to be ready for big rewards and maximum outcomes.

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