Money Moose Slot Review

Money Moose Slot Review

Booming Games started to impress the users in the world. It is a decent option to put their mind. You will be happy after knowing about the theme. We cannot say that it has consisted of a good article. There is a hunting thee to impress. We have seen some wilds, creatures, reels, and special features for players.

Reels & RTP

There are five reels and 30 lines in the slot machine. Some of them are interesting to see. Do not forget to visit the wilds, scatters, swapping symbols, and free characters. If you do well in the game, no one can stop you from winning 8,000x the stake. If you are going to win a maximum prize, tend o not to leave it.

Betting range and payouts

You need to cover 30 coins in the entire game. The betting rate has started from 30 cents to $54. It showed that player of all types and played it. On the other, there is also a reward of 8,000x multiplier. It is an excellent outcome. Moreover, the volatility of the game is also high.

Money Moose Slot Features

At the start, you need to focus on the mountains. It will work for wild symbols. It would help if you used it for making combinations with recurring characters. You can replace any symbol with each other.

Now, the Shoot and Collect is a real bonus game. It is related to the theme of the game. Here, you will get coins with prizes. All the coins will lie on the 5th reels. You will see all payout in front of your eye. The time is to get 12 free spins from 1st to 5th reels. You can retrigger these features many times. But you will only get six more free spins.

Minor Elimination is also a source of free spins. It skipped any low-paying symbol from pairs. At last, the Winning combo is one of the significant symbols to upgrade. You need to turn it into a golden version. It will show a couple of times on screen.


The theme of the game showed some mountains in the background. So, it is a hunting design to cover. There is a collector of hinter, golden mouse, scatters, gold coins, and mountain views of wilds. All these regular symbols are impressed us. Lastly, Bears, Wolves, Boars, and five low-paying symbols are enough to use.


Overall, it is a decent slot to attract the players. It is a good release by the producers. The Booming game added a healthy amount of RTP and other features. As we know, it is not a unique game. But, you can enjoy it till the end of the gameplay.

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