New Zealand vs Bangladesh 2nd T20 Review

New Zealand vs Bangladesh 2nd T20 Review

After losing in the 1st T20 game, the Bangladesh team would like to come back. But, it will not be an easy task to do it. On the other hands, the New Zealand players are in good form to rattle all the hopes of Bangladesh. Let’s see what is going to happen in the most crucial game of the series. I am here to introduce the head to head result and pre-information for all the viewers. Here is the review of the team to pick the better side at the end of the day. So, let’s start with the details of the last game.


In the very first game of short format, New Zealand batted first to score 210. That is a big total in the 20 over the competition. Conway posted 210 runs in the 1st t20 game. Moreover, Will Young also added crucial 50 runs in the match. One thing to consider is that Bangladesh never has one a single game in New Zealand from its cricket. So, it will be an arduous task to beat New Zealand in New Zealand. Moreover, the bowlers also failed to maintain the exact line and length. All the favour went into the side of New Zealand.

On the other hand, if we see the Bangladesh batting line up, they were sent back by the NZ bowlers on only 144 runs. No one made a single 50 for the team. It is the main reason to face a 1-0 result in the 1st game of T20. On the next side, New Zealand bowlers also picked the wickets at the right time to slow the BD run rates. If you want to know the back to back detail of players, you must briefly describe the players and outcomes versus New Zealand.

Odds & Tips

All the predictions and results are based on the past detail of teams. So, I have checked the complete details of the teams and found nothing in favour of Bangladesh. The conditions and pitches of New Zealand will be a vital difference between the two groups. Here is the exact winner of the game.

Who will win?

New Zealand will take the lead of 2-0 in the three-game series of T20. Only a miracle can change the result of the game. Moreover, the top order of New Zealand is the innovative form to make runs. Unfortunately, the Bangladesh side also missed the regular skipper to lead the team.


If you have read all the above information about two teams, then there is no headache to announce the game-winner. New Zealand has an 80% chance to win the game, and the Bangladesh side will enter the ground with only 20%. So, do not waste time searching and analyze more and more. If you have any issue, then you can check the profiles of all players. It will help you to find the exact result.

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