Newcastle United vs Tottenham Hotspur EPL Preview

Newcastle United vs Tottenham Hotspur EPL Preview

It is the 3rd game of the English Premier League scheduled to play on 4th April 2021. I know you are here to find the best prediction about these two sides. If you want to compare the result with head to head, it is not a bad option. All the predictors tried their best to claim the game’s best winner. Newcastle is one of the major teams of English Premier. The last head-to-head result also played a vital role in future development. Let’s start with the preview of two teams.


At the start, I will brief you about the last six games for each team. Newcastle United played six games to remain undefeated in 0. On the other hand, three games failed to leave any result. Tottenham also took part in the same game and won 4 times. That is the real strength of the team. They only failed in two games. We have checked some prominent players injured before the game. Moreover, there will not be any team pressure in the domestic game. Let’s talk about the last match between the same contenders.

These two teams met each other in September 2020. All the players tried their best to overcome each other. At the end of the final time, no one defeats each other. It is not easy to predict the winner of the coming game. The latest outcome is the only option to find hope in the next round. The chances of New Castle are too low than Tottenham because of injuries. On the other hand, only 27% had a chance to draw the game. I hope you can gain all the best outcomes now.

Our purpose will not complete without knowing the number of goals in the English Premier League. Newcastle United took part in 14 games to win only four games and posted 17 goals on the last given games. Tottenham Hotspur entered the ground fourteen times to remain alive for six times on the next side. The number of plans by the players is 24.

Who will win?

According to my facts and figures, Tottenham has more chances to win the match than Newcastle United. No doubt, you can find more options by browsing the internet. The latest number of goals and players’ performance showed the same result as I wrote for you. Here is the final argument for you.


If you have read all the descriptions above, there is no big headache to conclude the best team of the day. So, no matter if you do not agree with me. Some of the experts have their expectations. We always talked on behalf of the past facts and figures. Only a miracle can change the result of the game. Otherwise, Tottenham will win the match without any problem. Let’s finish the talk with these words.

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