Norwich City vs Manchester United Betting Review: Odds & Predictions

Norwich City vs Manchester United Betting Review: Odds & Predictions

It is the last game of the English Premier League on 11th December. I am here to tell you about the significant elements of the game. After reading the complete content, you will be able to make a prediction. All the latest profiles of players and teams will describe in the following. However, we are not responsible for any loss in betting.

Latest Performance

I have checked that Norwich City played six games last season and won a couple of times. On the other hand, Manchester United also played an exact number of games to win two matches. They failed in three games, and one battle did not create any result.

Norwich City VS Manchester United: Head to Head

It is essential to tell you about the latest result among these two teams. Both the sides had met before one year in the English FA Cup, where Manchester United posted a couple of goals versus one only.


There will not be any change in the final squad. According to my experience, only an injury may change the place of players. We are talking after checking the latest performance.


After checking the predictions from different spots, Manchester United picked 62% chances to win the match. On the other side, Norwich City will enter into the ground with 22% chances. However, the additional percentage went into draw level.

Results in English Premier League

In the English Premier League, Norwich City played six games and won 1. They failed in four matches, and one half was unable to take any side. If we see the next side, then they also play six games to win three. However, they did not overcome the other team in two matches.

Norwich City posted five goals and conceded 11 also. Manchester United scored ten goals and conceded 10. We can pick predictions from these results.

Major Players in the match

In Norwich City, Teemu Pukki is the star player who posted four goals in the last matches.

Mason Greenwood and Bruno were important players with four goals in the last six contests.

Bad Players

Bein Gibson did not show the best performance from Norwich City. Paul Pogba also failed to move best from Manchester United.

Match Date & Time

The match is scheduled to play on 11the December at 22.30. Carrow Road ground is ready to host it on Saturday.

Big Betting Spots

Bet365, Betway and Purewin are the significant sites to place under different conditions. We picked positive results a slot of times in the past. If we see the latest experience, these teams are reliable than others.

Norwich City vs Manchester United Betting Odds

Norwich City picked 1.70 rates ( Bet365), 1.72 (Betway) and 1.78 by the Purwin.

On the other hand, Manchester United gained 4.45 (Bet365), 4.40 (Betway) and 4.35 by the Pure win.

Last six Results

Manchester United : W, L, W, D, L, L

Norwich City : D, D, L, L, W, W

L = Lose

W = Win

D = Draw


I tried my best to post all the required information for viewers. You can easily pick the best team from above. In general, Manchester United showed outstanding performance. All the different markets have had different kinds of results in the past. Bet365 is the primary site to bet on at any time. The betting rate may vary with time.

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