Stars of Orion Slot Review

Stars of Orion Slot Review

It is the last slot of ELK Studio this year. All the functions and features will help the users to get the maximum jackpots at the end. The theme of the game is natural. That is the reason to create the title of Stars of Orion. The makers added a decent history because of having all the beautiful things. I am hopeful for the progress of this slot machine.

Reels & RTP

There are six reels in the slot machine and Cluster Pays system. If you do well in the whole slot, no one can stop you from earning 10,000x the stake. The amount of RTP is tiny (95%). You can think about it.

Betting range and payout

It has started from 20 cents to $100 per spin. You need to cover all the 100 coins at the same time. The addition of free spins, 95% RTP, and other multipliers are enough to join the game. If you do well in the complete game, you can earn up to 10,000x the stake. You may increase the amount of RTP by using features and functions.


Stars of Orion will be the primary focus of all the players. It is a wilds symbol to help the players. You can make different kinds of pairs and combinations through it. It will pay more than all the other symbols. Do not forget to use it for an alternate purpose. You can match it with the regular symbols for making combos.

We have seen that wilds and scatters symbols always left better outcomes for the users. In the end, these two images will post a lot of free spins and multipliers. If you do not have any experience, then you need to skip this slot. I want to ask you to stay away from these kinds of the slot.


The theme of the slot machine showed the sky night. It will be a fantastic view for the users to catch. There are also Stars of Orion place, temples, druids, and other features. I have seen that the reels played well to make the pairs in the slot. The design of the theme is attractive for us. You will enjoy the maximum area in the slot. It has consisted o relatively appealing and straightforward visually.


Overall, it is a good game but only for the usual players. I have seen some complications in the slot. The more extensive area in the game and lower volatility are the primary causes to leave it. You need to pay as in the other games. It has consisted of gemstones, different symbols of purple, red, green, and blue. Moreover, the additions of some birds also increase the value.

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