West Bromwich Albion vs Newcastle United Betting Review

West Bromwich Albion vs Newcastle United Betting Review

In the English Premier League, all the games have much importance. After the mega world cup title, it is the 2nd best domestic title for the viewers in the whole world. The match between West Bromwich Albion and Newcastle United is scheduled to play on 7th March 2021. Both the teams played well before it. I am here to analyze the head to head results and experience of the same teams. If you want to get a handsome result, then stay with us till the end content. Let’s start with a review of the two teams.


If we see the head to head result of two teams, West Bromwich Albion has played six games and remained undefeated in only one game. On the other hand, they succeeded to draw the two matches and could not save them from falling in 3 games. That is not a good result for all the players. On the side of Newcastle United, there is only a minor change in the result. They also played six games to win only 2. The result did not come into the favour in three matches, whereas one match ended without leaving any result.

Both sides played their last game in the last of 2020, where Newcastle United won the match by 2-1. That could give some extra advantage to the home side. By knowing the last results, football experts announced that a 35% chance is for the United to win the game. On the other hands, 33% went to the opposition team. At the same time, the 32% chances to draw the match. So, we have checked that there is not a big difference in all the figures.

Betting Odds & Tips

Betting odds always helped the user to find the best team between the two. Here is a comparison of the two teams. At home, West Bromwich played fourteen games and faced eight lost whereas 4 remained a draw. So, the number of winning the games are only 2. They scored only nine goals in the last 14 games. On the next side, the United took part in 13 games and remained undefeated in 3 games. In 8 games, they faced a heft loss, whereas two games did not leave any result.

Who will win the match?

I checked all the player’s data and the result of the last 14 games; in the end, I reached a point where Newcastle would be the winner of the game. But. the exact result will come in the evening. So, be careful while applying the bet.


I tried my best to give you some useful information, and now it is up to you which team is right for you. If you still have any question in your mind, then you may go to any other spot. But I think you will waste time. Stay away from all the scammers on the internet. It would be best if you had to find the real profile bookies, not others.

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