West Indies vs Sri Lanka 2nd ODI Betting Review

West Indies vs Sri Lanka 2nd ODI Betting Review

The second match between Sri Lanka vs West Indies is scheduled to place on 12th March 2021 at North Sound. We also have seen that both the team played a game on the 10th of the same month. The Sri Lankan side made only 232 runs. In the start, the hosts played well, but they failed to main progress in the end. That was the reason to score very low. But, in the 2nd game, they will have to bounce back at the exact time to level the series. I am here to tell you the complete history of players and teams also. Let’s start with the review of groups.


The West Indies side has consisted of all the prominent players in the team. We checked that the West Indies Cricket board decided to give a chance to old players before the T20 world. Gayle, Pollard and Darren Bravo are all in the team to get momentum. But, in cricket, we cannot say that experienced players will do best than the former. The Sri Lankan side failed to improvise in the 1st game. The opener started well to give a good start, but the middle order and tail fell to perform the score. On the other hands, the west Indian bowlers picked the right length at the right time to rattle the hopes.

On the next side, the Sri Lankan team need to show something different from the 1st game. If they want to level the series, they must remain cool and calm all the time. Moreover, the senior players need to take some responsibility to score on the board. Mathew Chadimal and the skipper could be the hope for the team. Here is some information about the winners and betting odds.

Betting Odds & Tips

There are many things attached to betting for any game of sports. You need to check head to head results and the performance of the previous match of two teams. Do not forget to check the figures on home grounds as well as away from the ground. I have seen that most of the played failed to perform away from home. So, be alert from this kind of case.

Who Will Win?

According to my perception and views, the home side has more advantage than the other team. However, the Sri Lankan side also has some minor chance to bounce back into the series. But, the real result will come on play day.


I hope you have read all the above information very carefully. If you still have any question in mind, you may go to any other spot for better detail. But I think you will waste time on these kinds of activities. Your first goal is to check the real bookies on the internet. Many scammers are still o the internet to rattle the hopes you. their purpose is to snatch your official information.

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